The digital transformation boom has given rise to a new breed of well-informed and socially engaged customers. That is, customers who demand a great experience above everything else.  To meet this demand, every business needs to go above and beyond the ordinary to deliver that experience. This is where CRM Marketing comes into play.

CRM or Customer Relationship Marketing, in its evolved avatar, helps to provide just that. A CRM platform centralizes all your customer data and automates time-consuming tasks to help you achieve positive results across various departments with less effort. It enables you to optimize and streamline your communications across all channels – website, email, social media, and others.

What is the most preferred channel for marketing messages?

Surveys show that EMAIL is, hands down, the most preferred channel for communication. With 100% of the respondents choosing this channel over others, email marketing, as they say, is still KING for sure.  CRM email marketing uses CRM tools to deliver a more targeted and personalized experience to prospects and customers. It helps you stay ahead of the competition by making the most valuable product/service offer to the right subscriber at the right time.

What is the most useful CRM Marketing feature?

Segmentation is the most rewarding feature according to most experts. Automation setup makes marketers’ lives more comfortable and is the second most useful CRM feature. The third most useful feature is Data Integration.

What Metric Matters the MOST in a CRM?

Engagement is the most critical metric for most companies. companies. The second most important metric to focus on is Contribution to revenue.

What is the best way to enhance customer engagement?

With engagement being the most important metric, Targeted messaging is the best way to enhance customer engagement. This means sending the right message to the right subscriber at the right time, in a highly personalized and data-driven way.

Should I hire a CRM Marketing specialist or should I outsource this to an agency?

While CRM systems require careful implementation and constant evaluation. You need the right resources and technology to manage the work so as to make the most of it. However, having a full in-house team to handle their CRM and email marketing is the best move to make. Even if you need to outsource, never outsource the work completely.

How can we help?

Even though CRM has been around for years, it has changed with the changing times. It gives a rich experience to customers and businesses alike. Companies should take advantage of the huge amount of customer data the CRM provides. As such, will lead to personalized experiences in the inbox. With CRM taking automation, predictive analytics, and hyper-personalized email messaging to the next level, we are certainly looking at hyper-intelligent CRM email marketing in the times to come.

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving tools and technology, CRM teams are trying hard to deliver tailored and engaging emails. However, with the demand for personalized messaging rising to an all-time high, CRM managers have been facing execution challenges of late.

From our findings, we found that there are 3 key challenges CRM managers face today:

  • Hyper-segmenting in order to deliver tailored messages to all subscriber
  • Creating engaging campaigns
  • Lack of resources who understand and keep pace with the ever-changing CRM landscape.

All these challenges seem to have one solution – creating a team of skilled resources. With email marketing being a niche field, you can only depend on pros, who are able to adapt quickly and are knowledgeable in their roles.

That’s where MarketSense can help you. Our remote team has helped businesses and individuals take their marketing efforts to the next level, without burning a hole in their pocket. With expertise in 50+ ESPs, we can help you create engaging email templates, execute the campaigns flawlessly in your ESP, and set up complex automation workflows to deliver a personalized experience to your subscribers/customers.