I used to wake up every morning & ask my self “what is the best way to market my business online, to drive traffic to my website?”. No matter how hard I thought, at the end of the day, I always come to realize that there is no “Golden Formula”. No marketing tactic is the ultimate and if you have 1 thing on your mind, you are wrong.

One Channel Alone Can Never Be the Best

No matter the niche or market you operate in, you will always have a channel or tactic that works best, offers you the best return on investment and keeps your sales up, this doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t diversify your marketing efforts.

This is the reason why…

Let’s say you rely on influencer marketing or social media marketing to get sales or generate leads for your company, then you are treading on a thin line. What happens if your favourite influencer loses relevance? What happens if that buzzing social media platform is no longer trendy?


I remember when I used to work for Dealdey, everyone listed their products and services with us.  It was like sales were never-ending, you’re bound to do well if you list your products or services. All of a sudden, the business changed its strategy in 2015, coupled with the economic recession of 2016, and by 2018, sales had slowed down so much, Dealdey was forced to fold. Just like that! 

Imagine what will have happened to people who relied solely on this platform? It always makes me sad.

So, what do you think will happen if Google decides to make a change to their algorithm and your website suddenly disappears from search results?  Or what if new businesses enter your market and drive up advertising costs so that your marketing channels are no longer profitable?  Or what if Facebook stops your ads or direct messages from reaching all of your leads (LMAO, this has already started happening!)?

Well, if you’re relying on that one tactic, then your business is clearly in trouble.

The solution to this problematic situation shouldn’t be far from you now…

Utilize multiple marketing channels!

One of the first rules of investing is that you should never invest in one portfolio. Always spread them out, diversify your portfolio!

It is not advisable to keep all your money invested in a single stock or bond.  It’s just too risky. And even though you could be lucky and hit it big, it’s like winning the lottery; the odds are not in your favour.

The safer plan is to diversify across multiple investments.  That way if one fails, all your funds are not lost.

The same method should be used when you are marketing.  Diversify your efforts across multiple tactics so your business is not crash if one marketing tactic takes a is cut off.

Keeping this in mind, I will focus on the top 6 tactics to drive meaningful traffic to your website.  Make sure you follow these points like you are using a checklist.  If you are already using any of the tactics listed, cross it out.  For the remaining, create a plan to add the tactic to your marketing strategy.

1. Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. S.E.O)

Your number 1 tactic should be search engine optimization or SEO as people commonly call it.  The best thing about SEO is the fact that you have the opportunity to show your business to prospects that are searching for your product or service, at the point when they need it.

It’s just like a business directory, or a phone book (that was common back in the days).  The only reason people go through phone books was when they needed a product or service and wanted to find someone to help.  The same thing happens every day on the internet!

With a badass SEO plan, you’ll get your business to show up on the first page of Google for relevant searches at the precise time your prospects need your product or service.

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2. Use Digital Advertising to boost website traffic

The next thing I want to jump onto is digital advertising.  Leave behind any preconceived notions you already carry about marketing for a minute and consider these facts:

  1. With online advertising networks like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you can get started with less than ₦1,000 per day. You can get your ads running with a little investment that won’t hurt your pocket and get it right immediately
  2. You can choose a pay-per-click model, which means you’re only going to pay when a prospective customer engages with your ads (clicks to show interest).
  3. With YouTube video advertising, you can get a customer to view your videos for as little as ₦7, yes you heard me right 7 Naira! There’s no minimum investment, spend what you have and it will work.
  4. With proper tracking (UTM by Google Analytics is my preferred option), then you can see the returns on investments and move things around, usually taking away money spent on non-performing ads and increasing your spend on ads that are performing well to maximize your profits.
  5. Facebook Ads and Google Ads now finds and targets customer audiences on the internet that generally have a similar demographics and online user behaviour as your customers, and you can benefit from this if you have your account setup and linked to your website properly from the beginning. 

As you may know, I am a huge fan of digital advertising and most of the types that are now available (NB, there are some types you shouldn’t waste your money on).  Just like SEO, you can advertise when your customers that are searching for your what you offer.  Plus, you can display your ads to them when they are surfing around on other websites and social media.

3. Marketing on Social Media

This is an area that must NEVER be left out but is more tricky than it sounds.  However, many businesses do waste a lot of time, money and energy here.

To be successful with digital marketing success, it is not measured how many Facebook/Instagram Likes or Twitter Followers you have:  it’s measured by how many leads generated and how many sales are made.

Remember, people will follow you WHEN you are doing something great, not because you want to do something great. Like the marketing expert Seth Godin (my role model) once said:

Social media is a symptom, not a tactic. When your ideas are spreading, when your work is remarkable, when your organization has built a social ratchet that works, one of the side effects will be a significant social media presence. People will talk about you in ways that they like to talk… online.

On the other hand, if you spend all your time beginning at the end, grooming your social network, tweezing your Insta posts, hyping your tweets–nothing much is going to happen.

The simple proof of this is that brands with ten or twenty times the social media impact rarely have ten or twenty times as many people working as “social media specialists.”

Take a look at this: The Mona Lisa has a massive social media presence. Her picture is everywhere. However, she doesn’t have a Twitter account. She’s huge on social media because she’s an icon, but she’s not an icon because she’s huge on social media.

With that said, marketing on social media can be an effective way to reach your target audience and drive them to your website to patronise you.  Keep your eye on the prize and do not get distracted by the urge to increase vanity numbers like Likes and Followers.

4. Online Publicity = Website Traffic

Like referrals, every business wants publicity.  Get your business featured in the news or popular blogs, you will instantly be top of mind.

But also like referrals, there is no shortcut.  As comedian Kevin Hart chants before taking the stage, “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in!” 🙂

To get the publicity you’ll need to create (or do) something worthy of the press.  Start blogging on your website.  This will get you into the rhythm of creating press-worthy content that you can then leverage to secure a column in an industry news site or online magazine.

5. Offline-to-Online Integration

The final tactic I’ll mention here is to use offline-to-online integration.  If you’re already using direct mail, print ads, radio, TV, and/or telemarketing, or getting offline publicity, then find ways to integrate those offline campaigns with your digital marketing.

For example, add a call-to-action in your direct mail letter to learn more by visiting a page on your website.  Or, in your TV and radio ads instruct your prospects to go to your website to claim your special offer.

Studies show that more and more people are visiting business websites to learn more before taking action.  That’s why it’s so important to have a congruent message in all of your marketing, both on- and off-line.

Here Is What To Do Next

You now have the most important 5 tactics to market online and sent traffic to your website, it’s time to take action.  Look for what’s missing in your digital marketing and create a plan to add them in the coming months.

There is a lot more to digital marketing than just driving traffic to your website.  You need to convert that traffic into leads and sales (create customers). Also, make sure you can track and measure your results.

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